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Absence & Attendance

Reporting Sickness Absence


If your child is unwell and unable to come into school, you must inform us by telephoning: 0208 573 3453 after 8.00 am and before 10.00 am.  Alternatively you can report your child's absence on the school App.

We will ask you what the nature of the illness is and the expected length of absence. 
It is not possible to ring and leave a message.


Medical Matters

It is very important that our Welfare assistants are informed of any medical conditions your child may have. They will take responsibility with the class teacher for ensuring that all children are cared for appropriately. 


Children who suffer from severe allergies must have 2 Auto-injectors/Epipens at school at all times and children with asthma must have 1 blue inhaler and spacer. These will be kept in the classroom medical box.

We understand that all young children suffer from sickness from time to time however, not all illness needs time off school. The school is able to administer Paracetamol or GP prescribed medication on completion of a ‘Permission to Give Medication’ form. All medications must be supplied by the Parent/Guardian in their original packaging with the prescription label attached.

The following guidance from medical professionals is offered:

Nil days absence required for:

Minor coughs/colds
Glandular Fever
Hand, Foot & Mouth
Head lice
Sore throat/Tonsillitis
Stomach ache


The following levels of absence are expected for such conditions as:


Chicken PoxChildren can return once spots are scabbed and dry, approx. 7 days after rash has started
Coronavirus/Covid-19Children can return 3 days after a positive Covid-19 test
ImpetigoChildren can return 2 days after starting antibiotics once lesions are scabbed and dry
Respiratory infectionsChildren can return once temperature is normal
Ringworm/ScabiesChildren can return as soon as treatment has started
Sickness/DiarrhoeaChildren in Nursery and Reception should not attend school for 48 hours following each episode and children in Year 1 and above should not attend for 24 hours
Raised temperature/FeverChildren can return once temperature is normal
Scarlet FeverChildren can return to school 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has started