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British Science Week 2022

British Science week 2022


CPA students from nursery to year 6 took part in British Science week 2022. This year the theme was Growth. When you start to think about growth as a concept it is a huge area to explore and investigate. Our students, of course, rose to the challenge! We received many excellent homework projects on growth and some examples of these can be seen below. In the nursery we have been looking at trees and looking at the patterns on the bark by doing tree rubbings. We also planted seeds and measured the children using string and cubes. It was lots of fun!


Reception had a lot of fun exploring trees and planting seeds in the garden area. They also looked at different ways of measuring each other


Year 1 learnt all about Gentoo penguins in the Antarctic. They watched the penguins live at Edinburgh Zoo and then had a go at building their own penguin nests. What do you think was the best nesting material?



Year 2 investigated how they could keep fit and what kind of exercises they could design to use in the outdoor gym.



Year 3 joined in with NFU Education Science Farm LIVE lesson to witness the lifecycle of a sheep and cow and were able to ask the experts questions.



Year 4 thought about the possibility of life and growth on the planet Mars. They designed animals they thought could survive on Mars.



Year 5 investigated whether all our body parts grow as we get older. They used stencils of different sized hands to try to measure, record and compare data.


Year 6 looked at microscopic machines. They investigated amino acids and proteins and also thought about antibodies and viruses.



All our children also looked at the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers that linked to all these activities. What do you imagine when you think of a scientist? Are you thinking about lab coats, goggles, a little old man with grey hair that resembles Albert Einstein?


The STEM sector is so much more diverse than this! The science museum has partnered with science-based technology company 3M, biopharmaceutical company MSD and global technology company Thales to work on the ‘Smashing stereotypes’ campaign. Follow this link to meet STEM employees and researchers sharing stories about their work and look at the diversity of the STEM workforce.


Smashing Stereotypes - British Science Week


Maybe your child could be an immunologist, a marine biologist or a structural engineer when they grow up? British Science week 2022 homework projects These are some of the examples of the homework projects the children completed based on the theme of growth. Take a look at the incredible work our Super scientists have completed.


British Science week 2022 Homework Projects