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Childhood Promise

Did you know that all of The Park Federation academies offer an amazing experience for every pupil, every year called 'The Childhood Promise'?


The Childhood Promise is a guarantee that every child, every year will be invited to partake in a special trip or experience, fully funded by school.  The premise behind this is to provide our pupils with special opportunities to widen their horizons, experience new places and explore new opportunities. 

This is a unique opportunity, especially designed and created by The Park Federation.


These trips create memories for a lifetime. At Cranford Park our Childhood Promise trips have included amazing adventures such as Year 2 taking a trip to the beach and Year 5 who visit London's West End to see some of the best musical productions in the world! A night at the theatre with all of their friends - what a magical moment that they will never forget!


The Childhood Promise is a fully funded initiative that ensures our pupils can learn, explore, enjoy and appreciate the world around them.


Read the document below to find out more.