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Do you know how to stay safe using the Internet, your mobile or your games console? Computers and the Internet are fun, exciting and very educational, but it is important that you know how to use them safely. 



Remember, if you see or hear anything that makes you feel upset, speak to an adult you trust. This could be your parents, carers, teachers or an older brother or sister.

E-Safety Information/Resources

E-Safety - Parents

At Cranford Park, we are committed to teaching children how to use technology safely and confidently, by minimising risks online through appropriate behaviour. Children are regularly encouraged to speak to a trusted grown-up to ask for help or if they are worried about any content they encounter online. 

The rules of e-safety apply to any technology or device that can be used for communication and/or has access to the Internet. This includes:


  • Computers and laptops;
  • Mobile phones;
  • Tablets, e.g. iPads;
  • Games consoles, e.g. Xbox.


Explore the following links for more information and guidance: