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Geography Curriculum Statement


At Cranford Park Academy, our Geography curriculum encourages children to question, explore and investigate with the ultimate aim of becoming responsible and active citizens in the wider world. Many of our children have had limited experience of travelling beyond their own local area or extended family network. In our multicultural school, we seek to inspire children to become curious about the diverse world we live in and understand other people’s cultures, beliefs and ways of life through a rigorous knowledge based curriculum which seeks to deepen geographical understanding.


Our curriculum ensures children develop great depth and breadth of knowledge, focusing on both new learning and retention. This is achieved through a variety of means including knowledge organisers, vocabulary focuses and regular retrieval quizzes. The lessons are progressive meaning children are continuously building upon their understanding using their prior knowledge and making links to previous learning.


Through our Park Federation skills ladders, children learn to develop their competency in geographical skills such as map reading and fieldwork. Children are naturally inquisitive so well-planned, practical enquiries and investigations provide our children with direct experience of the real world. Pupils learn about the physical and human features, both local and globally.

In the Key Stage 1 curriculum the children begin by familiarising themselves with the local area (allowing them to investigate Hayes) and move on to looking at the wider world in Year 2, allowing them to develop an understanding about the world beyond their own experiences.


In Key Stage 2 we follow The Reach curriculum to ensure the children at Cranford Park explore a variety of geographic topics and begin to think critically about the world outside of Hayes. We also focus on natural resources along with energy and sustainability to ensure children understand their role in the wider world. The Reach scheme is a demanding, thoughtfully sequenced curriculum which pushes our children to discuss, debate and engage with high level resources.


We believe our geography curriculum helps children make sense of the world and provides them with the skills and knowledge to become global citizens.