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History Curriculum Statement


History at Cranford Park Academy forms an integral part of the curriculum. Our curriculum inspires children’s curiosity and encourages them to ask perceptive questions. Throughout their time at CPA the children should become credible historians and question the information given to them, fitting with our motto ‘To Question is to Grow’.

The curriculum is thoughtfully sequenced, with historical vocabulary and concepts built upon year by year, in chronological order. It ensures that children develop a depth and breadth of skills and knowledge with a focus on improving retention. Knowledge expectations are high which is evident with the use of vocabulary lessons and regular retrieval quizzes.

With the use of our Federation Skills Ladders to support planning, children learn to develop their historical skills of enquiry, use of sources, chronology and questioning. Children at Cranford Park Academy are given the opportunity to regularly visit museums and have thoroughly enjoyed inviting their parents into school to attend special themed days such as a Greek museum, a Roman market and a Tudor banquet, to share and celebrate their learning. This helps the children to collate their learning and knowledge, compare changes over time making stronger links between periods in history as well as links between past and present.

From the start of their history curriculum at Cranford Park Academy, the children need to make links between past and present and relate past events to their own lives. Comparing and contrasting to their own lives helps children to have a clearer understanding of how things have changed over time. In
Key Stage 1, pupils learn about changes within living memory and the passing of time, we know that this basis will support the children with their understanding of what history is and how it affects them in the present day. The children do this by learning about significant events and people from the past such as The Great Fire of London and the Victorians.

In Key Stage 2, we follow the demanding Reach Curriculum to ensure pupils at Cranford Park Academy learn about a range of historical topics. These topics are taught chronologically to help children understand the passing of time and how events from the past can impact future events. Children are encouraged to make links and connections between different topics covered.

Key Stage 2