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Driving and Parking Near CPA


I am increasingly concerned about safety around our school entrances, particularly St Dunstan's Close entrance. There are far too many cars trying to drop off right next to the school gate and then turning around in the road causing concern for pedestrian safety. Unfortunately a small minority of parents then start pressing their car horn, or worse shouting or swearing at others, in front of our children. This is obviously a huge concern.

Thank you to all families who walk to school. If you live too far away or it is not possible for you to walk in, please park a little way away and then walk the last part. I have approached the council about looking into road restrictions at drop off and pick up time as I am concerned that some of our parents are not driving safely or considerately and are potentially putting children's lives at risk.

I am also concerned about the children who are regularly dropped off late to school. Our lessons start at 8.40am and the soft start is 8.40 – 8.55am. If your child is arriving at 9am every day they are missing nearly 2 hours a week of school compared to their peers and this will inevitably mean they are missing out on making the best possible progress. It is also often cars rushing in because parents know they are late that causes safety concerns. Please ensure you leave home in plenty of time and aim to arrive as close to 8.40am as possible, but 8.55am at the very latest.

Many thanks for your continued support. I know many parents share my concerns over road safety and have been shocked by the behaviour of a minority of our parents. Please can we all reflect on what we can do to improve this situation and consider the suggestions I have made.

Many Thanks


Sarah Evans