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Careers Education
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Careers Education

We have always been keen at CPA to introduce children to Career’s Education as early as possible. We want to open their eyes to the world of work and the vast range of careers and vocation possibilities. We find that many of our children have a very limited notion possible of job roles and we are keen to share a range of career options with them to inspire their thinking a nd raise their aspirations.

As studies have shown, holding biased assumptions and having narrowaspirations can influence the academic effort children exert in certain lessons, the subjects they choose to study, and the jobs they end up pursuing. Research
has also shown that the jobs children aspire to may be ones that their parentsdo, or those of their parents’ friends, or that they see on the TV and/or social media. Low expectations are often shaped by biases or commonly accepted
stereotypes, such as ‘science isn’t for girls’ or ‘university isn’t for the working classes’. These societal expectations act to restrict children’s futures by limiting what they believe they can do.

We ensure that through assemblies, led either by the Principal or including a guest speaker, children are made aware of the range of opportunities open to them. We also have a Careers corridor with an alumni board and posters linking curriculum subject to possible career options. We also work hard, learning from the research, to erase stereotypical views which may be linked to career options, especially but not solely around Science. We deliberately showcase female examples and role models from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.