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Design and Technology
Key Information

Design and Technology

Design and Technology Curriculum Statement

At Cranford Park Academy we intend Design and Technology to be creative, practical and to provide children with the chance to solve problems and develop their own creative ideas as individuals and as part of a team.

From the youngest children in Early Years, all the way through to Year 6 children are encouraged to show an interest in technology and to explore different materials, tools, mechanisms and techniques and to construct with a purpose in mind.  D & T provides children with the resilience to face challenges and follow instructions whilst teaching them to use a variety of materials with a growing knowledge of health and safety.

All children will learn about cooking, food and nutrition, ensuring that they acquire the fundamental life skills in order to be able to feed themselves healthily and independently, whilst learning about where food comes from.

Through hands on practical experiences, we aim for children to leave Year 6 with the knowledge and skills that will inspire them to be anything they want to be for future careers including chefs, engineers, capenters or designers.  We recognise that D & T plays an important role in preparing our children with life skills which will prepare them for the Key Stage 3 curriculum and the world beyond education.

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2