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Email received from a parent November 2021


Dear Ms Kaur, Ms Sisodia


I'd like to thank you immensely for the Maths: How to help session, held on 11th November it was very well planned and I as a parent felt very grateful for the valuable knowledge and guidance provided, which I have been trying to incorporate in my daily routine with my little one ever since.


This session was both informative and inspirational, and very well constructed,

and a huge thank you as well for the PTA call yesterday.

It really meant a lot to me to identify what more I can do to help xxxx and the teachers to do even better your methods of imparting knowledge are both brilliant and illustrious and conversing with you is always a joy.


Parent of a Year 3 Child


Email received from a parent July 2021


Dear CPA,

We are writing to you with a sad heart to let you know that our children will not continue at CPA in the next school year if all goes according to our plans -- we are moving to Australia.


Because of the Covid pandemic, the situation can change any day: they may cancel our flight, we can be prevented from boarding, or we would have to return to the UK for some reason, etc. In the case we have not flown, we will let you know by email as soon as possible.


Let us conclude with a huge thank-you to all the amazing staff that helped our children grow. We could not wished for a better primary school for them! Really sorry to leave. Have a great well-deserved summer break and stay safe.


Parent of a Year 2 and Year 4 Child


Email received from a parent April 2021


Dear Mrs Evans 


We are writing to inform you that our daughter currently a pupil in year 4, will be withdrawing from Cranford Park Academy.

We are sad to leave people who have already become part of our lives, However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and say a proper goodbye.


Please know that my daughter had a fantastic and enjoyable learning experience in this school. Your teaching method has a positive influence on her that she talks about school a lot and is always excited to go to class. She will definitely miss her teacher and her classmates. 


We have always felt more than satisfied with the education received at Cranford Park Academy, but more than that we remain forever thankful for the extracurricular activities which helped our daughter to become a well-rounded young adult. We will always think of Cranford Park Academy fondly for that. 


Parent of a Year 4 child


Thank you from a Parent Summer 2020 during Covid 19 


We believe Cranford Park Academy adjusted really well and got on with the huge task of virtual lessons impressively. This was also demonstrated by the efficiency of the teachers. We're sure all the teachers would have carried out work to a high standard, however, the teachers below are ones which we interacted with via our children and saw exceptional and outstanding levels of interaction and education.


Miss Logathas

Miss Logathas really made the virtual lessons as interactive as possible and got all the children involved. The virtual lessons were fun and engaging for my child. I found that Miss Logathas' lessons really bought out the best in the children as she would find ways to involve everyone. At the same time, her lessons were always to a high standard, clear and informative. 


Miss Warner

Miss Warner's lessons were also to a high standard. Her teaching style was reassuring and she was able to bring out the children's confidence. We were very impressed that Miss Warner continued to do 'Show and Tell' on a Friday afternoon. Miss Warner's interview style questioning really made the kids feel important and heard. Miss Warner really did a great job and her enthusiasm was evident throughout. 


Miss Owens

Miss Owens also interacted with the children and in doing so made the children feel comfortable. Miss Owens helped the children in communicating and interacting virtually.


Mrs Mcfarlane

I like to call Mrs Mcfarlane one of the gems of the reception team. She taught my son phonics and again we were blown away with how effortless and easy she made the lesson seem. Mrs Mcfarlane really engaged with each child and was able to ensure everyone was on the same page and learning at the same time. Mrs Mcfarlane really put the children at ease. She made lessons fun but also ensured key learning points were made.  From a confidence and mental perspective of the child she really did a fantastic job. Mrs Mcfarlane is an exceptional teacher who really is an expert in her field.


Miss Fields

In phonics, Miss Fields' friendly and humorous conversation with the children really out them at ease. She was really interactive with all the children ensuring that everyone had a turn to speak.


Miss Sekhon

My daughter took part in an online lessons when a child in her class tested positive. We were really impressed by miss Sekhon's organisational and efficiency levels in that it was set up and lessons arranged very quickly. She is a very astute teacher who is able to resolve any issues effectively. We would often overhear our daughters and were impressed by her levels of enthusiasm for all the children. She would ensure everyone was keeping up and learning. You can tell she is really supportive of the children in her class.


Do we think that lockdown has hindered our children in anyway educationally? No, because of al the teachers above.


Parent of a Year 3 & Reception Children


Thank you from a Parent Summer 2020 during Covid 19 


Thank you for all your support over this last year & especially during this difficult time. You have remained open with a smile, showing our/my children some normality! Thank you again


Parent of Year 4 and Year 2 children


Thank you from a Parent July 2020


Thank you beyond words. You have been an inspiring force throughout our time at Cranford. You've always been open, listed and supportive and I'm glad my child got to have you as his head during his time. Best wishes for the future. 


Parent of a Year 6 child