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Partnership with Parents

Early Help Offer at Cranford Park Academy

At Cranford Park Academy, we understand that many families, at one time or another, need extra support; family life can be complicated and that there may be situations where you need extra help and support. If you need to share information or have a difficult situation you need to make us aware of, we will always find the time to listen. Please come and talk to us.  


The CPA Early Help Offer includes:

First and foremost, taking the time to listen to children’s concerns.  All staff at Cranford Park are trained to notice if a child is worried or whether a child wishes to confide in us. They will provide pastoral support and seek extra help if needed.


We have ‘worry bunnies’ in KS1, children are taught that if they are worried or upset and want to talk, they can cuddle the bunny and the school staff will know that the child wants to talk.

In KS2 every class has a ‘Worry Box’ so children can write notes to their teachers telling them their concern or that they want to speak to someone.   


We have a team of learning mentors at CPA, as well as a Counsellor, all of whom will see children who need emotional support on a weekly basis, and in some cases more intensely depending on the emotional needs of the child at the time.


We have a Family Support Worker, Margaret O’Donovan, who dedicates time to provide pastoral support around the school. She works with children individually or in groups.  As well as working with the children, Margaret can work with parents/carers on a range of topics.


If you are a parent or carer you may also find the web links below useful.