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Phonics is essential for children to become successful readers and writers in the early years of schooling and beyond. Children can use phonics knowledge to “sound out” words and they learn to recognise how sounds are represented alphabetically and identify some letter sounds, symbols, characters and signs. In the Nursery we implement Twinkle phonics as we feel it is teaching necessary speaking and listening skills that are an essential part of education as well as the Sounds Write linguistic phonics approach which is used throughout the school. The rationale for using this approach is that children are taught to understand the relationship between spoken language and written words. Teaching through this approach allows children to develop their phonics knowledge of: ● Segmenting – the ability to pull apart the individual sounds in words e.g. dog = d - o - g ● Blending – the ability to push sounds together to build words e.g. c-a-t = cat ● Phoneme Manipulation – the ability to insert sounds into words and delete sounds from words. This skill is necessary to develop accuracy in reading and spelling.