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Phonics Curriculum Statement


At Cranford Park Academy we value reading as a life skill and are dedicated to enabling children to become lifelong readers. We teach phonics through the Sounds-Write linguistic phonics approach. The rationale for using this approach is that children are taught to understand the relationship between spoken language and written words. Teaching through this approach allows children to develop their decoding skills; this supports children in learning to segment, blend graphemes for reading and manipulate phonemes to develop accuracy in reading and spelling.


We promote a logical approach to reading, and that all words can be decoded. We therefore do not teach ‘silent letters’ or’ magic letters’. We focus primarily on sounds, and only introduce letter names once children have mastered the key skills needed to decode. In Early Years Foundation Stage, children study the Initial Code. This teaches the concepts: -One sound, one spelling, beginning with CVC words - Double consonant spellings (bell,puff etc) - Once children understand the concept of two letters representing one sound they are exposed to spellings with two different letters (e.g. ch in chin) - Once CVC words using known spellings are understood alternative words structures are introduced (e.g. cvcc, ccvc, vcc, ccvcc, cccvcc etc such as ‘end’, ‘frost’, ‘blinks’)


In Key Stage 1, children learn the Extended Code. This teaches the concepts:

- One sound can be represented by multiple spellings e.g. the first spellings for the /ae/ sound include in aim, in play, in game and in great.

- One spelling can represent multipliple sounds e.g. represents /ae/ in great, /e/ in head and /ee/ in dream.

- Alongside the Extended Code, children study the Polysyllabic Code.


Phonics continues in Key Stage 2 where the principles of the Sounds Write program continue to be used and where needed, personalised interventions are put in place. Staff throughout the school have received high quality CPD.


Sounds taught in school are always reinforced by the decodable phonics reading books that are sent home weekly. We work closely with parents to develop their understanding of phonics, offering phonic workshops in EYFS and KS1 to ensure parents have the knowledge to support their children at home.