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Religious Education

Religious Education Curriculum Statement


Cranford Park Academy is a large multi-faith school. It is intended that the Religious Education in our school will reflect the background and widely diverse cultures of the school community, giving children the opportunity to reflect on their own and others’ lives and beliefs. We believe it is important that children are taught to be independent and cooperative learners, understanding the importance of respect and consideration for others’ beliefs and experiences. We aim to achieve this by fostering their social and moral development and encouraging a positive attitude.


Religious Education enables our children to develop an understanding of the influence of beliefs, values and traditions on individuals in our local community. Our R.E. curriculum allows the children to learn from different world religions and provides opportunities to explore personal beliefs. We want children to have a respectful understanding of the faith groups which form the community they live in, whilst feeling confident to discuss and reflect positively upon ideas presented to them.


We aim to provide a secure, well-structured environment where all contributions are welcomed and valued and where all children participate on equal terms so that the successful acquisition of knowledge is achieved. We hope to develop an understanding of the different faiths by visiting places of worship and through  learning about celebrations and rites of passage. In addition, by looking closely at the stories and ideas at the heart of different religious texts, we hope to develop the skills of reflection and of making a personal response. Children are encouraged to form their own opinions about religious beliefs and customs and develop a strong understanding of the importance of tolerance and respect.

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